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"It’s really great to see a truly inventive, innovative photo and birding backpack come down the pike."
- Shutterbug

Paxis makes that photography assignment easier. Convenient one-handed operation allows you to swing the bottom part of your backpack to the front, giving you quick access to your most needed photo or birding equipment.


"I don’t remember how I lived without it. When I’m knee deep in water, at an event, or other times when I’m shooting its the most convenient thing ever. Thanks for working so hard on it!"

- @Tonymaples

"I can take as many lenses as I want and change them quickly and securely, with out removing my pack. In 30 years of shooting I've tried many back of all shapes, sizes, and designs.. None have worked as well for me as the Paxis packs. I will never buy another brand, they have my business for life."

- Pat Kolberg

"Unbelievable quality and ingenuity went into this product. For once, a clever product that delivers exactly what it advertises. I purchased this pack for travel/mountaineering photography and have been thoroughly impressed by all aspects of the pack."

- Harrison Lee


Paxis Backpacks


Nature Photography

Photography is an art form that has been around since the 1820’s when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was credited with taking the very first photograph. Since then, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry where nature photography was given its place on the map because of names like Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe. We’ve gone from needing eight hours of light exposure to the ability to snap an unlimited number of high-quality photos with just the touch of your finger.

Being prepared is important to a successful nature photography outing. Planning is key. Having the right clothing and shoes, packing all your essential equipment, and knowing the area you’ll be photographing in are all important. Another beneficial element for successful nature photography is studying your subject matter. Understanding your subject’s natural habitat may help you determine the best time to photograph or predict what will happen next. For example, if you are headed out to photograph the famous Saguaro cacti in bloom, it would be helpful to know that they bloom during the late spring into early summer. A trip to the desert in the winter will prove fruitless.


Travel Photography

Improved camera and drone technology are just a couple things that have allowed photography enthusiasts to engage in outdoor photography like never before. Currently, more than 95 Million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram each day and social media, in general, has created non-stop demand for engaging images. Travel photography is a popular topic with Instagrammers like @jackboothby – an adventure + traveler with some phenomenal photographs and drone images from around the world. Jack’s tutorial on capturing the wind and dancing flowers provides a great perspective and how-to on utilizing shutter speeds in nature photography.


Wildlife Photography and Birding


Capturing wildlife in their natural habitat can be extremely challenging. Whether they’re in flight, fight, eating, or sleeping, wildlife photography requires a quick eye and a quiet step. For those instances where you need to switch out your telephoto lens, you’ll want that equipment change to be as quick and silent as possible.

A 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation reported that “over 45 million people [participate in birdwatching] around their homes and away from home…” It’s estimated that $41 billion dollars a year is spent on birdwatching – with 20 million Americans enjoying trips specifically targeted towards birding. Participants of this outdoor activity need a safe, secure, easily accessible area to store their field guide, binoculars, and cameras.

Wildlife photographer, Mark Thorpe, has been in the business for over 25 years. In his YouTube review he explains how the Paxis backpack has helped make his life a lot easier while he’s doing outdoor photography. “Everything’s handy, real close to me. What [makes an outdoor photography session] a lot easier was having the versatility of the Paxis backpack with me,” says Thorpe. “Very definitely it’s a handy tool to have for any kind of photography, out and about when you’re going outside.” Paxis backpacks offer an innovative “swing solution” that allows you to get to the items you need in the “Shuttle Pod” while leaving your straps on. The innovative patented ARC Swing technology provides quick access to your most important camera equipment.


The Best Outdoor Photography Backpack

Whether you’re on location during a photo shoot, hiking to the top of a mountain to catch that perfect picture during the golden hour, or laying in wait for that elusive bird to appear, the Paxis backpack is the ideal outdoor photography backpack for photographers who don’t want to miss a moment. It solves that annoying little problem of having to take your backpack off to get to what’s inside.

The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack was included on the Outdoor Project’s 2019 Spring/Summer Gear Guide for Outdoor Tech and Gadgets and said, “Rather than unload, photographers can swivel part of the backpack around the front of their body, providing access without having to take the entire backpack off. It takes seconds, and the backpack can comfortably carry several lenses for a quick and easy transition.” Shutterbug also reviewed the Paxis backpack and said, “It’s really great to see a truly inventive, innovative photography backpack come down the pike.”

If you’re looking for a photography backpack that provides easy access to your most important equipment, look no further. The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack is at Adorama and B&H Photo Video – both in stores and online – as well as on the Paxis website.

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