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Twin Lakes - Camo

Twin Lakes - Camo

SKU: TL102

Swing your gear to the front while keeping your backpack on. The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack is a convenient backpack system that provides quick, easy access to your critical gear without the need to stop and remove the pack. Using our patented ARC Swing technology, with one quick, easy maneuver, the swing arm brings the things you need right in front of you without having to reach around, fumble, and dig in your pack.

The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack provides quick, easy access to your most important items. Whether you’re out on your favorite trail, birdwatching, or doing some nature photography, we understand that access matters.

With the Paxis Twin Lakes backpack you can keep your straps on and never stop moving. Adjust the shoulder straps and hip belt then secure and adjust the sternum strap. Using one hand, gently pull the release handle and the things you need swing to the front in one swift, secure motion, thanks to our patented ARC Swing Technology. To lock the Pod back into position, swing the Pod to the back and gently pull it with both hands, toward your back. You’ll hear a click when the Pod locks into the latch.

Accessories are available to enhance your Paxis backpack experience.

The modular design and flexible configuration of our Pod Armor lets you divide your Pod exactly the way you need it. Whether you’re looking to protect your camera gear or organize your fishing gear, Paxis Pod Armor is up to the task.

The Padded Cell insert is a customizable, interchangeable pick foam system that allows you to create the compartments necessary to protect your photography gear, drone/GoPro, handgun and ammo, spotting scope, birding binoculars, and other sensitive equipment.

The Paxis VAULT is the ultimate camera storage for photographers on-the-go. The fully customizable bag features a tough exterior to protect your gear from the elements. The interior features soft, protective material and five adjustable dividers that offer the ultimate in protection. The padded handle makes carrying the VAULT a breeze. The VAULT fits easily into the top portion of the Paxis Twin Lakes and Mt Pickett backpacks as well as many other backpacks.

Keep everything dry with our RainShield Gear Protection. With an elastic binding, the RainShield easily slips over any 30-liter or smaller pack to securely protect your backpack and contents from the elements. The Paxis RainShield is designed to keep your backpack dry, no matter what the weather is doing.

Exterior Dimensions: 21” high, 14” wide, 9” deep

Shuttle Pod Capacity: 5 lbs.

Pack Weight: 5 lbs.

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