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Go Back and Forth

When you have a Paxis® pack, you don’t have to take it off to get what’s inside – you can keep your straps on and swing the gear you need to the front in one swift, secure motion using the ARC swing technology.

Fishing Backpacks

Paxis is an easy access fishing backpack designed for the ultimate convenience. Quick access is made effortless with the patented articulating hinged technology and Shuttle Pod that swings around to the front of your body. LEARN MORE

Photography Backpacks

Whether you’re on location at a shoot or hiking to the top of a mountain to catch that perfect picture, Paxis is the ideal camera backpack for the photographer. LEARN MORE

In the world of backpacks, I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and novelty features that are integrated with the bag that really don’t add to the overall experience or functionality. These days, you can find no shortage of backpacks with integrated mobile technology. This really just adds up to components and wires that will break down in all-weather situations, and bring little more than new ways to connect your iphone to your backpack. Not very interesting.

Paxis has done something much more. The Paxis pack was born out of Paul Vierthaler’s (Co-Founder, Paxis) desire to have a pack where he could access critical gear without the need to stop and remove the pack. He designed the articulating hinge technology – or “ARC Swing” technology that makes Paxis a unique and extremely useful design update to daypacks.

– mycampsitereview.com

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