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Paxis Backpack Named Best Innovation for Fly Fishing

Fly Fusion Magazine recently named the Twin Lakes Backpack as Best Innovation for Fly Fishing.

Here at Paxis we love solving problems and we’re ecstatic when others think so, too! Fly Fusion Magazine recently named us as Best Innovation through their Editor’s Choice awards. The Spring addition should be in your mailbox soon. If you haven’t subscribed to Fly Fusion you can do that here.

Read all about what Fly Fusion Magazine has to say:

Best Innovation: Paxis Twin Lakes BackpackWhat’s the worst aspect of wearing a backpack while fishing? That one’s easy. Access to the contents. There’s a reason why vests and sling packs have been so popular. Well, Paxis has something to say about that. While not designed exclusively for fly fishing, the Paxis Twin Lakes backpack has something we’ve never seen before: a flip-around rear compartment that looks like something from an Inspector Gadget cartoon. Dubbed the “Shuttle Pod,” to access its contents, all you need to do is pull the release handle – though we prefer to call it a rip cord – and this rear compartment swings around your waist and appears, almost magically, right where you need it. It’s one of the more imaginative design elements we’ve seen in quite some time, and solves a problem on the water (or on the trail) that many anglers have encountered over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing what Paxis has in store next.

If you haven’t checked out our fly fishing backpack yet, make sure you take a look. If you already have one of our backpacks, grab one of our new accessories – just another way to make your life easier, happier, and more accessible.

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