Paxis introduced the Wheelchair Pod at a recent event and explained why they believe it’s such an important product.

When Paxis was originally founded the goal was to make people’s lives a little more convenient. The original backpack did just that for fishing folks, hikers, photographers, and more. But we’ve always wanted to improve upon accessibility for a much larger audience.

Box Wheelchairs at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show

At the recent Washington Sportsmen’s Show in Puyallup, Washington, Paxis debuted their Wheelchair Pod. They partnered with Box Wheelchairs, the builders of the most radically advanced action sports wheelchairs on the planet. A sample product was displayed at the show and they received feedback on their patented swing pod design for wheelchairs. The response was phenomenal. Every person who interacted with the design shared a story about themselves, or someone they knew. The common denominator being the benefits the product could offer. Paxis Wheelchair Pod

“Being in a wheelchair doesn’t restrict someone from doing much, but their lives are a lot more challenging,” says Paxis co-founder Paul Vierthaler. “They can do what I do but it’s more challenging. So if we can make something that would improve their life a little and make it easier, I think that’s phenomenal.”

Where are the Wheelchair Manufacturers?

Currently, most wheelchair manufacturers do not seem to be engaged in providing more for their customers. Wheelchair owners struggle to find accessories and are usually forced to go to bicycle shops to buy something they then have to adapt to work correctly on their chair. There’s no easily accessible space to store items such as medication, oxygen bottles, or wallets.

Over and over, the feedback has been loud and clear – people want accessible storage on the back of their chairs – and backpacks just don’t work. The Paxis Wheelchair Pod would allow wheelchair users storage that THEY can access on their own. And for those who may have arm mobility challenges, Paxis has also patented an electric version that would move the pod from the back of the chair to the front.

An endeavor such as this does not come without challenges. Every wheelchair is different. At some point Paxis would like to create a universal bracket that would work on any wheelchair. But for now they are looking for a forward-thinking wheelchair manufacturer who wants to be a leader in their industry. Someone who desires to offer a product to customers that enhances their lifestyle and provides a level of accessibility they have not experienced before.

If you’re a wheelchair owner or user and would like to write or email your chair manufacturer about partnering with Paxis to bring this extremely needed product to the back of your wheelchair, feel free to share the link below of the demo video.

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