Nothing here at Paxis is created without a ton of reflection and creativity, the Twin Lakes backpack is no different.

Following the huge success of our Mt. Pickett backpack, we could not be more excited for the release of our second generation – the Twin Lakes. Both names are derived from the birthplace of the original Paxis idea – Orcas Island, Washington.

Orcas Island is located in the northwest corner of Washington State in the beautiful San Juan Islands. The archipelago of islands boasts incredible water, mountain, and forest views. Mt. Pickett and Twin Lakes are both popular areas on the highest point on Orcas, Mount Constitution, that visitors can hike to while quiet streams trickle down the mountainside.

The trail to Twin Lakes represents the unique splendor of hiking in the northwest. The lakes are accessible only by trail and the journey there takes you through one of the largest tracts of ancient forest in the Puget Trough. Beginning at Mountain Lake, hikers can begin the upward ascent on steep paths and switchbacks with the sun plays hide-and-seek through Cedars, Hemlock and Sitka Spruce trees decorating the lush trail.

Upon reaching Twin Lakes, you’re rewarded with a quietness and serenity only found in the deep, depths of nature. Cross the outlet stream of the smaller lake and you’ll be able to peer through trees out to the Salish Sea. Rare views of northern Orcas Island can also be seen.

We hope you’re able to journey out to the Islands someday and experience where the Paxis idea originated from. Until then, grab yourself a Paxis Twin Lakes backpack. Happy Trails!

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