The Anatomy of a Paxis® Pack

Mar 10, 2016 | Paxis Pack

Introducing the Paxis Pack

While many great innovators build out of a space that others can’t even imagine, others have the ability to re-imagine things that have already been created – and improve on them.

When our co-founder, Paul Vierthaler, first came up with the idea that would eventually become the Paxis® swing pack, he was simply trying to solve a problem.

“On our hikes, I continually needed to ask my wife to get my water, camera or gloves out of my pack. Or, even worse, I would need to stop and take the pack off just to get to those things, which I felt should all be easy to access,” says Vierthaler. “I’m a problem solver, so I went into my shop and started cutting and welding until I came up with a prototype.”

There are four parts to a Paxis pack that differentiate it from a regular backpack. 

The Shuttle Pod

The entire pack is built around the idea of the Shuttle Pod – the bottom portion of the pack that can swing around to the front of your body. The Shuttle Pod can easily hold up to five pounds of weight and glides on an ARC Arm.

The ARC Arm

Made from lightweight aluminum and steel components the ARC, or Articulated Rotational Compartment, is a hinge system with a sturdy mechanical locking mechanism. It’s freed up by pulling on the Release Handle.

The Release Handle 

The Release Handle is where all the magic begins. With a gentle pull the Shuttle Pod is released from the locking mechanism allowing it to swing around so you can access your stuff.

Paxis is made from NYLAR® – a hydrophobic coated (water resistant) ballistic nylon that can help protect your gear from the weather.

If you’ve already tried out one of our packs we’d love to her about your experience via social media. Post a photo on and tag us on Instagram (paxis_pax), Facebook, or Twitter.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pack they are available on our website at and in select stores in the United States, Australia, Korea, Iceland. For information on becoming a distributor please contact


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