In late September we headed over to China to do some final approvals on the Paxis Twin Lakes pack.

China, an extremely interesting country with a somewhat complicated history, proved to be filled with productive days and plenty of adventure. We landed in Hong Kong and spent a full day taking in the city views before doing approvals on the Twin Lakes pack while also attempting to dodge a torrential downpour.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

The next day we headed over the border into Shenzhen to visit with our manufacturing partners at Grown-Up Group. We toured their facilities and took a look at their testing room where products they design are put through rigorous quality and performance assessments. We were also able to test out the improved locking mechanism on the new Paxis Twin Lakes pack – which we loved!

Testing machine

On day 3 we drove two hours into Dongguan to visit the factory responsible for producing the metal pieces in our packs. We had the opportunity to watch our metal frames being put together. When we say they’re handmade, we REALLY mean it! The area was a definite contrast from Hong Kong and the majority of the people we met did not speak any English.

Approving Twin Lakes pack in China

Day 4 began with a 3 ½ hour trip on one of China’s high speed trains to the oceanside city of Xiamen in the Fujian province. The train ride took us across some absolutely stunning countryside where the forests were lush and green and small cities popped up seemingly out of nowhere.

Chinese Countryside

For those who are not familiar with Xiamen (we weren’t!), it is located across from Taiwan and is known for its laid-back vibe, up-and-coming art scene, and beautiful beaches and scenery.

Xiamen China

Here, we visited with the company that sews the fabric packs and puts the frames and packs together. We spent the day approving final colors, materials, tags, and more on the Twin Lakes pack! It was a very long, but productive, day.

Factory in Xiamen China

We want to thank you, again, for your patience. You won’t be disappointed with the new color options and improvements to the design. And we’re also excited to announce we’ll be offering Gift Cards as well as FREE SHIPPING (to U.S. addresses) on all pre-ordered packs! Stay tuned for the release date.

Photos: Heather Wallace | Studio H Photography


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