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Exotic Fishing Destinations

If you are an avid fishing person, you can probably name off 25 fishing destinations without blinking an eye. However, sometimes it’s fun to experience exotic fishing destinations.


Kamchatka is one of those places I would have never thought about as a fishing vacation destination. In other words, I’ve never thought of it as “exotic.” But Kamchatka is often referred to as “one of the last great unspoiled natural wonders of our world”. It’s located in Russia, about 6,000 miles away from Moscow, and is 5 times LESS populated than Alaska. However, the area is home to mild winters, thanks to a warm Japanese current. And is home to salmon, whales, brown bear, bighorn sheep, caribou, moose, and otter. If you’re interested in fishing in Russia, check out our friends over at The Best of Kamchatka.

Central and South America

If Russia’s not your thing, maybe Chile is? Imagine fishing the banks of the Rio Palena in the Andean valley. A region famous for large wild brown and rainbow trout. Eleven offers an experience of a lifetime at Rio Palena Lodge. You can literally wade or float right out the front door. Multiple rivers, lakes and streams offer an abundance of fishing opportunities. Remote helicopter fishing is also offered. (P.S. The food at this place is supposed to be amazing.)

After that, maybe think about heading over to Belize. Blue Horizon Belize takes visitors fishing on the Belize Barrier Reef where they are likely to catch permit, tarpon and bonefish. Barracuda, snook, jack crevalle, bonito and mackerel also take well presented flies in these flats. Above all else, you’ll be visiting the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. It is a significant habitat for threatened species, including marine turtles, manatees and the American marine crocodile.

In addition, Brazil and Patagonia were on the list. Who’s been to either of these as exotic fishing destinations?

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is 1,200 miles south of Hawaii and home to the world’s largest coral atoll. Bonefish, three species of trevally, wahoo, and tuna can all be found there. Great weather and vast hard sand flats enable anglers to wade fish all day.

Look into these destinations and let us know if you have been to any or are planning on going! We’d love to hear about your experience and share it with our followers.

Happy Fishing!

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