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Chasing Salmon on Prince of Wales Island

This Alaskan island is home to a variety of fish, making it the perfect place for steelhead and chasing salmon.

Located in SE Alaska, Prince of Wales Island has over 85 documented streams making it a Fisherman’s paradise for chasing salmon. There are about eight major river systems that provide access by road. Additionally, the 1500 miles of roads give access to much of the island’s waterways and pristine streams.

Fish Varieties

There are also native runs of Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, and Dolly Vardon in the streams and lakes on the island. The Steelhead and Salmon runs are as follows:

  • Steelhead – End of April through early June

  • Sockeye Salmon – June through September

  • Chum Salmon – Mid July through August

  • Pink Salmon -End of July through early September

  • Silver Salmon – July through September

There are no King Salmon runs in the river systems on the island, yet the offshore King Salmon fishery surrounding the island is legendary. Furthermore, if you visit the island and are interested in world-class offshore salmon fishing, I recommend considering Prince of Wales Sportfishing or Waterfall Resort for saltwater charters.

Safe travels and Tight Lines! Don’t forget to share your photos and videos and tag them with “#mypaxis”.

Darin Koob (Outer Escapes) has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications from Western Washington University. He enjoys fishing, hiking, skiing, camping & boating. Darin is the Founder & President of OuterEscape, LLC, an internet marketing company designed for outdoor enthusiasts. He is also a member of the Northwest Outdoor Writer’s Association (NOWA).

Darin’s passion for the outdoors was developed at an early age through numerous hikes in the backcountry with is family. His passion for fishing was inspired by his grandfather whom was an avid fisherman. Darin enjoys adventure outdoor photography, HD Video, and has been involved with real time promotions and live-streaming of events. He also spends a lot of time on the Washington coast chasing Salmon & Steelhead.”

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