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Casting for Recovery: Healing Waters, Healing Lives

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Casting for Recovery is a remarkable program that goes beyond the realms of traditional rehabilitation

Girl fly fishing on river wearing Paxis
Flyfishing is healing.

Founded in 1996, Casting for Recovery has been providing healing outdoor retreats specifically designed for women who have or have had breast cancer. The program recognizes the physical and emotional toll this disease takes on individuals, and it seeks to offer a holistic healing experience that nurtures both body and spirit.

The Healing Power of Fly Fishing Fly fishing, with its gentle, rhythmic casting and the calming flow of water, has proven to be a therapeutic activity. It encourages relaxation, concentration, and mindfulness — all essential elements in the healing process. The act of casting and immersing oneself in nature’s serene surroundings acts as a natural balm for the soul.

The heart of Casting for Recovery’s approach lies in the retreats they organize. These retreats offer a safe and supportive environment where women can connect with others who have faced similar challenges. The program combines fly fishing instruction, counseling, and medical education in a beautiful outdoor setting. During the retreats, professional fly fishing instructors provide guidance on the fundamentals of fly fishing. Participants learn the basics of casting, knot tying, and fishing techniques. In addition to the angling instruction, licensed therapists conduct support group sessions, encouraging open dialogue and emotional healing. One of the most powerful aspects of Casting for Recovery is the sense of community and camaraderie that blossoms among the participants. The retreats foster lasting connections and friendships, as women come together to share their stories, triumphs, and hopes for the future.

Casting for Recovery continues its support for participants beyond the retreats, offering online support groups and opportunities for women to stay connected. This network provides a platform for ongoing emotional support and a sense of belonging, allowing the healing process to extend well beyond the retreat experience.

Volunteers: The Heartbeat of the Program Central to the success of Casting for Recovery are its dedicated volunteers. These individuals generously contribute their time and expertise, serving as fly fishing instructors, medical professionals, therapists, and emotional support providers. Their commitment and compassion enrich the lives of the participants and help make each retreat a transformative experience.

Join the Movement: Supporting and Sustaining Healing Casting for Recovery relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to continue offering these life-changing retreats to women affected by breast cancer. By contributing financially or offering your time and skills, you can play a vital role in empowering these women and aiding their healing journey through the therapeutic art of fly fishing.

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