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Fly Fishing in Colorado’s Boxwood Gulch

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Just 60 minutes outside of Denver, Boxwood Gulch offers some spectacular fly fishing.

Curtiss and others showing off their catch.
Photo: Christian Kerns/Fly Rod Chronicles

We had the most amazing weekend fishing with Curtis Fleming of Fly Rod Chronicles. We fished the North Fork of the South Platte River at Boxwood Gulch Ranch, in the Colorado Rockies. The property owner, Dan Mauritz, stocks the river on his private property with 7 different species of trout. Rainbow, Brown, CutBow, Palomino, Brook, Cutthroat and Tiger Trout can all be found at Boxwood Gulch.

Just an hour outside Denver in Shawnee, Boxwood Gulch Ranch is an easy-to-reach destination that feels like it’s worlds away from modern life. The weather was near freezing, but with the excitement of fishing and the beauty of the area, we hardly even noticed.

Our expert guides from 5280 Angler took care of everything from fishing gear to lunch. We, of course, provided the backpacks! The guides at 5280 are incredible and everyone caught fish! They were able to work with the diverse experience levels in our group, from newbies to very experienced fishermen. Most of the catch were Rainbow Trout, but Nehl Horton, president of IGFA, reeled in a beautiful Palomino. And in case you’re wondering, the Palomino Trout is considered a “trophy fish”. The Palomino is the result of a typical rainbow trout cross-breeding with a West Virginia golden trout.

Thanks again to Curtis Fleming and Fly Rod Chronicles, and Ben and Jeremy from 5280 Angler for the amazing opportunity. And to Boxwood Gulch Ranch, Bailey Lodge, Dave Zieg, and Nehl Horton of The International Game Fish Association for joining us for such a fantastic weekend!

Next year you’ll have the opportunity to see more about this outing. The trip will be featured on an episode of Fly Rod Chronicles TV. Stay tuned and sign-up for our newsletter to get notification of when the episode will air.

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