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Feb 19, 2017 | Photography, Travel

Whether fishing, exploring, or concert going, this traveler explains where he goes and why he always takes his Paxis backpack.

Most people know me for my fishing stories, traveling from lake to lake and sharing those experiences with the world. And while it’s true that I have one of the greatest jobs in the world, I also enjoy traveling with my wonderful family and have had the amazing pleasure of visiting some really incredible places. Here are some images from those expeditions to show the different places I’ve been and how I use my Paxis backpack. Hope you enjoy!

Traveling the Pacific Northwest with my Paxis

Pacific Northwest

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania with my Paxis

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Stay Hydrated

Whether I’m doing a backpacking bicycle trip in the Pacific Northwest or in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking, I love being able to stay hydrated and keep moving while quickly capturing moments like these. It always helps to have my Paxis backpack with me.

My Paxis pack even goes overseas with me

Great Ocean Road, Australia

I’ve never written about it, but my favorite place in the whole world is Australia; particularly the southern coast. It’s an incredible place that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.  But the climate is very different, so for me it was key to be able to easily carry a day’s worth of different clothes, and the stuff that I would need day-to-day like my passport and cameras. The Paxis backpack is great for this.

In Italy with my Paxis pack

Northern Italy

I was in Northern Italy to finalize my deal with the makers of KIMURA fishing line for our Jim Root Signature Series line, but of course we did a lot of sightseeing as well! I packed around chocolates, cameras, mics, water, souvenir rocks, and my Stormr Nano because it rained (a lot) and I really needed it every day. Northern Italy is breathtakingly beautiful.

Airports are tolerable with my Paxis pack

Orlando, Florida

My Everywhere

I could have captioned this “My Everywhere.” Since I got this Paxis backpack I’ve never flown without it.  It’s perfect as a carry-on bag when flying because it’s the maximum size allowed so I can use it solely for 3-day trips to bring all the clothes and extras I need for two nights without having to check it, and that’s why I bring it. I also like that it’s lightweight, so if I have a long layover I don’t notice it on my shoulders. Neither will you.

Paxis packs are great for photographers

Thousand Island, New York

Living in the Now

Waves and rain are big on the Great Lakes and keeping my cameras and extra clothes dry is the key to my success and documenting it. My life lives in the RIGHT NOW and it is imperative that I be able to capture that incredible moment that only happens once. My gear needs to be dry, cool, and ready.

Fishermen use Paxis packs

Smallmouth Bass Underwater, Mille Lacs Minnesota

Capturing what I do on the water requires a ton of extra gear. From mounts, to batteries and chargers, to housings and different models from GoPro to Nikon DSLR, my Paxis backpack allows me to bring them all, but not take up half the boat with giant boxes. Therefore, I can get that underwater shot that only comes once a year, and not have to leave the things I need for it behind.

My Paxis pack goes to concerts with me

Route 99, Seattle

What can I say, I’m a sucker for Bruce Springsteen cover bands, especially good ones. These guys rocked. And because I had just gotten off the plane for a one-night visit to do a photo shoot for ReelSonar, I had to bring my cameras with me. A simple backpack in a bar doesn’t seem that odd, does it?

About the Author

Jim Root is a professional angler, writer, marketing professional, and outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in Upstate, NY, his parents taught him to fish when he was just 3 years old. Now he uses his knowledge and abilities to compete and help others improve.


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