One Item Moms Should Own

May 4, 2016 | Hiking, Travel

One Item moms should own

Being the mother of a three year old and a fourteen-month old can be as exhausting as it is rewarding. I will usually try anything at least once if it claims to make my life easier and here is one item moms should own.

Picture It

All of you mothers can relate to the following scene:

You’re out and about somewhere with your kids. You’re holding your baby on one side of you while trying to keep track of your busy toddler. And then your baby decides he’s hungry and the waterworks begin. The crying is so loud that strangers begin to look at you with accusing eyes. You desperately need the snacks you packed for your outing. The problem is, they’re in your daypack.

Holding your crying baby while getting the backpack off in an expedited manner proves to be challenging. You shift the baby back and forth from side to side just to get the backpack off your back. Now you’ve got to hold it between your legs while balancing the baby and wrestling with the zipper. It’s painful. And every mother probably has a horror story.

The Best Invention Ever Created

The first time I saw that Shuttle Pod swing to the front of a Paxis pack I knew my life would never be the same. It is literally the one item moms should own. The backpack stays on so there’s no fussing around with it to take it off. And with the simple tug of a cord a portion of the pack swings out in front of you. It zips and unzips easily allowing you access to whatever items you’ve deemed important enough to be in there (i.e. THE SNACKS!).

The list is endless as to what you could put in the Shuttle Pod (the part that swings to the front). Sippy cups, pacifiers, crayons and art supplies, small books…did I mention snacks?

I’ve tried it and it works. And it has truly made my life easier. Happy Mother’s Day!



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