The distinct Madrona tree grows mainly on the West Coast and was the inspiration behind one of our new Twin Lakes colors.

Native to the Northwest coastal regions of North America, the Madrona tree doesn’t like being fussed over. They can also withstand abusive winds and rain and the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean. The orange-reddish color we’ve chosen as one of the beautiful hues of the new Twin Lakes backpack is aptly named, Madrona. It is an ode to the majestic tree of the same name. A color that stirs the nostalgic memories of childhood exploration.

The new Twin Lakes backpack features an improved ergonomic lightweight frame, allowing you to explore all day long. We’ve also moved the Release Handle onto the Shuttle Pod, allowing for an easy, one-handed release and swing action. We’re excited to get the new Twin Lakes backpack into your hands. Let us know what you think about it!

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