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Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
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by Curtis Fleming, Fly Rod Chronicles on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Twin Lakes Long Range Camo

This is a one of a kind backpack that is made for the Fly Fishing lifestyle!! If you're looking for the ultimate fishing backpack where it's hands free and it's not in your way, check out these guys.

by Brian Beck on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Twin Lakes

Every once in awhile, a product comes to market that completely changes the game...While angling, hiking and shooting photos on the run, my most used and important gear is just a swing away...this pack is extremely comfortable to wear. Read more

Brian Beck 5 star review

by Pat on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Twin Lakes

I own and still use the Mt Picket pack but wanted a more roomy, less structured pack so I could take even more with me. I am and avid photographer and have been know to take as many as 4 lenses on a trek.

When the Twin Lakes came out I was all in for buying the new pack. I was shocked and pleased to find out the Twin Lakes was even more comfortable than my Mt Picket.

I can take as many lenses as I want and change them quickly and securely, with out removing my pack. In 30 years of shooting I've tried many back of all shapes, sizes, and designs.. None have worked as well for me as the Paxis packs. I will never buy another brand, they have my business for life.

If you purchase the Twin Lakes, you too will be a customer forever.

by Chris Spangler on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Twin Lakes

Great new product on the market in terms of backpacks and innovation. This is a great tool to have for hunting, camping, fishing, photography and anything else outdoors. These folks really have it figured out.

by Dave Rosetti on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Mt. Pickett

Works awesome! Extremely versatile, light, holds all my stuff. Can't say enough good about it. I like it a lot.

by on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Mt. Pickett

In the world of backpacks, I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and novelty features that are integrated with the bag that really don’t add to the overall experience or functionality. These days, you can find no shortage of backpacks with integrated mobile technology. This really just adds up to components and wires that will break down in all-weather situations, and bring little more than new ways to connect your iphone to your backpack. Not very interesting.

Paxis has done something much more. The Paxis Pack was born out of Paul Vierthaler’s (Co-Founder, Paxis) desire to have a pack where he could access critical gear without the need to stop and remove the pack. He designed the articulating hinge technology – or “ARC Swing” technology that makes Paxis a unique and extremely useful design update to daypacks.

by Jim Root on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Mt. Pickett 20

I knew it was going to do things and allow me to do things that currently no other pack will allow me to do. Very reinforced to adjust. It's got reinforced padding so if I'm wearing it all day long, it's not going to get heavy on my back. You're gonna like this pack. It's really great.

by Jeff McGovern on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Mt. Pickett 20

The whole thing is just about as handy as it gets. This is one sturdy backpack. It's about as good as it gets for a convenient backpack system. One very sweet backpack.

by David McGaha, Retired Firefighter/Paramedic, 100 ton Masters Captain on Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
Mt. Pickett

I first saw the Paxis pack at the Orlando ICAST show. As a 31 year Firefighter/Paramedic I fell in love with this product. I wish I would have had this when I was a paramedic as it would have made my life a lot easier on trauma calls. I love my Paxis Pax and won’t go anywhere with out it.

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