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Paxis Backpacks and Accessories
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 by JJ Townsend
Twin Lakes Madrona

This is an initial review. I haven't used the bag much yet. However, the design does feel well thought out. I've never had a backpack with a frame and it feels supportive and comfortable on my back.

The bag feels well made. It seems like it should hold up and from the reviews I've seen, I expect it will. I also believe in the customer service behind my purchase so it's nice to see a company that supports the product they sell!

I look forward to putting the bag through the paces and seeing how it holds up this Spring.

 by Harrison Lee
Twin lakes - Quarry

Unbelievable quality and ingenuity went into this product. For once, a clever product that delivers exactly what it advertises. I purchased this pack for travel/mountaineering photography and have been thoroughly impressed by all aspects of the pack.

Quality aside, I had a small issue with my first order and contacted support. Without getting into details, I want to sincerely vouch for the customer service of this company. They went above and beyond twice over. Remedied my issue, free of charge with a bonus - then later contacted me with an extra incentive for my time. I cannot say enough good things about the pack or the quality of this customer service team. I will be recommending this product to -everyone- I know who has a need for this.

Thank you again Alex!!

 by Tony
Twin Lakes swing pack

I bought this Twin Lakes pack for fishing. This pack is hands-down the best set up for walking the rivers. The swing feature and size of the pod is perfect for accessing all your boxes without having to compromise losing balance while standing in the current. My back no longer hurts after a long day on the river as opposed to using a sling pack.

Cathy and the team's customer service is second to none and they really back their customers and product. 10 stars for design and company!

 by Alona

I am posting this review after actively using Twin Lakes (Madrona) backpack for 13 months. Tested it in snow Sierra mountains, foggy coasts of North California and dry deserts of Nevada.
Good quality. Well done!
While swing arm adds extra weight, fast access to the pouch with my camera is priceless. No need to stop and take off the backpack. Take a quick shot and carry on.
Had a question about the product parts and Paxispax rep. (Cathy) responded right away.

 by Alex Wolf
The Long Range Camo

The Swing Arm: Stay Focused.

I recently added one more pack to my backpack collection: the Paxis Long Range Camo. This one has what none of my others have, and I am very excited to recommend it: the swing arm. And after a few days of use, the results are in: it works like a champ!
For me and many of my activities, from fishing and hunting to climbing and hiking, the swing arm enables me to stay focused on the task at hand, not having to reach around, fumble, and dig for something I immediately need. One quick, easy maneuver and the swing arm brings the things I need right in front of me. Call it handy or convenient, I find the swing arm a critical "safety" feature that performs better than I expected. Spend your money on this pack. It's worth it.

 by Tim Nation
Twin Lakes Backpack

I’m a fly fishing guide and love this pack, very handy and durable. Lots of room to pack extra gear and snacks for my clients. I get lots of compliments wearing this pack🤙 If you’re debating about getting this, get it, you’ll be glad you did!

 by Pat Kolberg

I recently purchased the vault for my Twin Lakes pack. I had been packing my extra lenses and other photography equipment in the pod and upper pack in neoprene bags.  I decided it would be faster to grab a lens if it was not in a bag, and wanted a safe secure way to carry them. As you can see, the pod works great. In the photo you can see what I packed.  The pod has my Sigma 150-600 zoom lens, which takes up all the space.  In the vault, I have a Canon 70d with an 18-135 zoom lens attached.  I have a 100mm macro lens and 3 extension tubes to use with it.  I have a Lensball and stand along with a mini tripod.  Even with all that in the pack, I still have more room.  The vault fits easily into the top pack and by lining up the zippers, I can open the pack and vault quickly and easily.

Purchasing the vault has just added to my collection of Paxis products, all great quality items. 

 by Curtis Fleming, Fly Rod Chronicles
Twin Lakes Long Range Camo

This is a one of a kind backpack that is made for the Fly Fishing lifestyle!! If you're looking for the ultimate fishing backpack where it's hands free and it's not in your way, check out these guys.

 by @tonymaples
Twin Lakes

I don’t remember how I lived without it. When I’m knee deep in water, at an event, or other times when I’m shooting its the most convenient thing ever. Thanks for working so hard on it!

Tony Maples Paxis Twin Lakes 5 Star Review

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