Capturing Moments in Wedding Photography

May 11, 2017 | Photography

Being prepared is key for creating stunning wedding photography for your clients.

Wedding photography is a unique art form, a chance to tell a true love story through beautiful and meaningful imagery. Capturing moments that will be re-lived for years and years through photographs may appear effortless, but much goes into creating the perfect collection of images for a Bride and Groom. My passion for my job is driven by truly knowing my couples, understanding the roots of their families, and approaching each wedding day as if it were my own, catching every flicker of emotion in the most lovely way possible.

In order to give my couples these memories, I make every effort to prepare for each wedding in advance. Creating a timeline with them and their wedding planner, familiarizing myself with the venue’s space and light, and anticipating the family involved gives me a significant advantage. It also gives my couples confidence knowing that we have gone through the fine details together… then, they can simply enjoy themselves on the big day!

Lindsey Gage Wedding Photography

Preparing Your Subjects

Because 98% of humans feel vulnerable in front of a professional camera lens, it can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially when asked to be affectionate with your beloved! That is why I spend time with my Brides and Grooms before the wedding day, getting them comfortable together in front my camera. I want them to know that through my wedding photography I will portray them, and their love story, in the most beautiful and authentic way… then, I am the only one concerned about how the images are turning out, and they focus on having fun and falling deeper in love with each other! First of all, I’ll start by having them gaze into each other’s eyes and hold each other close. This creates connection, and usually brings out natural laughter and smiles! It’s a great warm up, and sets the tone for a whimsical and exciting photo session.

Wedding photography by Lindsey Gage

The Most Important Advice of All

Most of all…prepare! Wedding Photography utilizes all kinds of light, and need to know how to make the best of every situation. This comes with a ton of practice! Lighting can change without notice during an important moment, and we have to have confidence that we can still create something beautiful out of every circumstance. Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with the location(s) of the wedding will give you a great advantage. Knowing where your light should be during each part of the day will help you focus on the people you’re serving rather than worrying about logistics and aesthetics. I’ve learned this over the years, and can’t stress enough how important it is to plan ahead!


Canon 5D Mark III
50mm f/1.2 L
100mm f/2.8 L
35mm 2.8

Getting that Dreamy Photo

Finally, many elements go into creating a heavenly image. To start, I find an inspiring setting with soft back or side lighting (ideally during the hour of sunset). I then set my aperture to a wide open setting (between 1.2F- 2.8F) and start working with my couple! I am drawn to photos that have movement, so I encourage the girls to wear flowing dresses and the gentlemen to take the lead in walking, slow dancing, or giving her an unexpected kiss!

Wedding photography by Lindsey Gage

About the Author

Lindsey Gage is an adventurer, a lover of history, and is rejuvenated by her loved ones and the wilderness. She finds inspiration in natural beauty and in couples who are willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Lindsey has an insatiable desire to capture authentic relationships, and believes that memories, whether extravagant or simple, should be both seen and felt in the heart. She finds her identity in her savior, Jesus Christ, and aims to serve Him in everything she does. To see more of her wedding photography follow Lindsey on Instagram.


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