We’re giving all you nature lovers a camouflage backpack option with our new Twin Lakes.

When we first started talking about creating a camouflage backpack option we knew who the perfect partner would be. Stix & Stones has a beautiful Long Range Grass Camo design. It’s reminiscent of the stillness found in the early mornings and that gravitational pull towards the freedom of the wilderness. It takes you back to those moments where the meadows and marshland begin waking up. And where the light and sky blend together throughout the day into an ever-changing landscape.

In addition to the camouflage backpack option, we are rolling out 3 additional colors inspired by nature. We’ll share how we decided on those colors, as well as their color stories, as we get closer to the rollout date. We can’t wait to put the new backpack into your hands! Thank you, again, for your patience as finalize all the new improvements to the Twin Lakes backpack.

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