Paxis Affiliate Program

Are you a blogger? Do you love promoting interesting products? Or maybe you have a website and you’d like to generate some profit? Check out our Affiliate Program, and see if Paxis is the right fit for you.

Paxis is one of the hottest new brands! Our customers are into outdoor photography, hiking, fly fishing, adventurer travel, hunting and fishing, birding, and more! We’ve created an innovative backpack that people all over the world are talking about.

Make money with every referred purchase on the Paxis website. We offer two easy options:
Simply upload one of our banners to your website and embed your personalized link.
Or, embed your link in your blog, article or email.

We make it easy. We’ll provide the emails (or you can write your own), graphics and banner ads. All you need to do is promote, and sit back and watch the $$$ roll in.

We pay an 8% commission on all referred sales on our website. Not bad on a $300 product!

Check out the contract, and then fill out the application. We look forward to hearing from you!

* Available in the US only.


When do I receive my commission payment?

Commissions are paid 2 months after the month of sale. For example, commissions for sales made in May will be paid in July. This is to allow for returns to be processed. Commission payments will be made by the 10th of the month.

How are commissions paid?

When you signed up for the Paxis Affiliate Program, you indicated whether you wanted to receive a check, or to be paid via PayPal.

How do I change my commission payment method?

In your profile, put your PayPal email in the Email Address 2 field. Or if you want to start receiving paper checks, remove the address from the Email Address 2 field.

How much commission do I earn?

Paxis pays an 8% commission of the sales price on all products sold through it’s website, Commission is not paid on shipping, handling, or other fees.

Can I recruit others as sub-affiliate partners, and share in their commission?

For now, the Paxis Affiliate Program is a single tier system. If we update this, we will let you know via email.

If someone clicks on my link, but doesn’t buy right away, how long does the system remember that they were my customers?

The Affiliate system will remember your customer and your link for 60 days. BUT, if that same customer clicks on a different link to the Paxis website after they had clicked on your link, they will become the other person’s customer. For example, Joe clicks on a link from your site, and then returns to the Paxis website and completes the sale 30 days later. You will earn that commission. But, if Joe clicks on your link, then goes to Mary’s page and clicks on her link, she then becomes Mary’s customer. The last link clicked prior to the sale is the one that earns the commission.

Where can I view the Affiliate Partner Program Agreement?
How can I access the Affiliate Resource Center

Once you’ve submitted an application and are approved as an affiliate, you’ll receive a Welcome email from us with all the necessary information for you to start making and tracking your sales. But you can also login to our Referral Partner Center here

I don’t want to be an Affiliate any longer, what do I do?

Notify us via email that you want to discontinue the partnership. We will take care of it from there.

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